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Macintosh MoH Hackin
Hey, im a player on mac and i have used the cheatergay, but the ibot that comes with it is .exe. Ica nt open and im wondering if theres any mac aimbots that will work?? Plz help -a mac gamer (great site)
I use macintosh too.. and I use the cheatergay wallhack, skins, and the no recoil mod at the moment. But I just don't feel 1337 enough on PC servers... I want to be able to stand out like the wave of PC hackers. If anyone knows of any aimbot that isn't .exe it would really help. K thx.
well a real "1337" player doesn't have to use aimbots to be the best if thats wat yur saying.
what r u talking about????
wat im saying is you dont have to use aim bots to be the OWNAGE KING of the server. aimbots take the fun out of the game and true skill. aimbot is like auto pilot lol.
Hey cocksmock, if others can do it than so can I.
LOL COCKSMOCK , eitherway best chance is to become the first MAC HACK DEVELOPER (possibly the first), there might be one here though.. as for being l33t , the guy with cheats is always teh kingz0rz >=
Well, I have been on my trip back... I left for over 100 years. I have a macintosh too, and most of exe files from any kind dont work on my machine. Unless maybe there was some kind of port over from PC to mac... I wouldnt know, i just stick with hacks that work.... i used to play very well without an aimbot.
if any1 knows of one, PLEASE post it, or maybe if someone could port the exe of ibot or some other good aimbot it would be great, please -xoclipse06
Hacks that will work for macintosh will have the .pk3 suffix and generraly you put them in your main folder. I have a macintosh and have been trying forever to find a hack f

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