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Macintosh MoH Hackin
ight now that we're off the topic no there are no aimbots for the mac to my knowlege
Hmm..... emulatation.... I'm gonna try and see and do somethin' bout this. Cuz basically... I cant take having PC users having all the fun any more.. Ive grown so much since this site was down and what not. I'm not even freakin' full alien any more. I'm half of what i used to freakin' be....
gabelli i dont know what the hell you are talking about but its nonsense keep it up and you will be banned there isnt a way to emulate a prog that run for windows to a mac anything that isnt mac supported has to be made so to the mac users start learning cause you are the only one that want this done cause the rest of us have no use for it or just stop bitching about no aimbots and use just some skins

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