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Lots Of Useful Stuff
These keywords change the physical nature of the textures and the brushes that are marked with them. Changing any of these values will require the map to be re-compiled. These are global and affect the entire shader. q3map_alphaMod func --- This is used for special blending effects on shaders by altering the amount of blending falloff depending on specific surface properties such as the surfaces normal axis or the vertexes contained within its volume. alphaMod operations are applied to an object's vertexes so the rgbGen vertex directive is required for each affected stage. q3map_alphaMod dotproduct ( X Y Z) It is used to blend textures using alphaFunc or blendFunc in the shader's second pass, with the falloff depending on the surface's normal axis. This is achieved by doing a vector dot product of the specified normalized vector value ( X Y Z ) and the vertex normal which yields the amount of blending. The dot product operation multiplies each element of one vector against the corresponding elements of a second vector, then adds them. Examples: ( 0 0 1 ) dp ( 0 0 1 ) = 0 * 0 0 * 0 1 * 1 = 1 ( 0 0 1 ) dp ( 0 0 0.5 ) = 0 * 0 0 * 0 1 * 0.5 = 0.5 ( 0.5 0.5 1 ) dp ( 0 0.5 0.5 ) = 0.5 * 0 0.5 * 0.5 1 * 0.5 = 0.75 q3map_alphaMod dotproduct2 ( X Y Z ) This works in a similar way to dotproduct except it exaggerates the differences in vertex normals by squaring the final dot product value. With the same values as the above example, dotproduct2 would give the following: [ ( 0 0 1 ) dp ( 0 0 1 ) ] ^2 = ( 0 * 0 0 * 0 1 * 1 ) ^2= 1 [ ( 0 0 1 ) dp ( 0 0 0.5 ) ] ^2 = ( 0 * 0 0 * 0 1 * 0.5 ) ^2 = 0.25 [ ( 0.5 0.5 1 ) dp ( 0 0.5 0.5 ) ] ^2 = ( 0.5 * 0 0.5 * 0.5 1 * 0.5 ) ^2 = 0.5625 Script: q3map_dotproduct on terrain texturesmap_clipModel, then the brush will also be non-solid. This can also be set on a per model basis with spawnflags 2. q3map_cloneShader shadername A shader with this keyword will inherit the target shader's properties and appearance. Be careful, this can lead to an infinite loop if a cloning shader references another cloning shader or itself. q3map_extraShader Does not exist! q3map_fadeAlpha N Does not exist! q3map_fogDir angle Specifies the direction a fog shader fades from transparent to opaque. q3map_forceMeta Forces model (MD3, ASE, etc.) surfaces to be broken down into their component triangles like brush faces and passed through the meta code on a per shader basis. This is required for lightmapped models. Setting spawnflags 4 on a misc_model will set q3map_forceMeta on all its surfaces. q3map_forceSunlight Obsolete! By default, no sunlight is cast on vertex-lit .md3 models or vertex-lit terrain. Using this option, sunlight (overbright bits created by the q3map_sun option) will be cast on these surfaces. q3map_forceSunlight is now obsolete since suns are now first class light sources. q3map_fur layers offset fade This is used for generating fur over a surface. This is typically used in conjunction with q3map_cloneShader in the surface (parent) shader and references the fur shader as the clone. A possible application of this is to
IMPORTANT NOTES: Once again, be aware that some of the shader commands may be order dependent, so it's good practice to place all global shader commands (keywords defined in this section) at the very beginning of the shader and to place shader stages at the end (see various examples). These Keywords are global to a shader and affect all stages. They are also ignored by Q3Map2. skyParms farbox cloudheight nearbox Specifies how to use the surface as a sky, including an optional far box (stars, moon, etc), optional cloud layers with any shader attributes, and an optional near box (mountains in front of the clouds, etc). farbox : Specifies a set of files to use as an environment box behind all cloudlayers. Specify "-" for no farbox, or a file base name. A base name of "envof height as the radius of a sphere on which the clouds are mapped. Good ranges are 64 to 256. The default value is 128. nearbox : Specified as farbox, to be alpha blended ontop of the clouds. This has not be tested in a long time, so it probably doesn't actually work. Set to "-" to ignore. Design Notes: * If you are making a map where the sky is seen by looking up most of the time, use a lower cloudheight value. Under those circumstances the tighter curve looks more dynamic. If you are making a map where the sky is seen by looking out windows most of the time or has a map area that is open to the sky on one or more sides, use a higher height to make the clouds seem more natural. * It is possible to create a sky with up to 8 cloudlayers, but that also means 8 processing passes and a potentially large processing hit. * Be aware that the skybox does not wrap around the entire world. The "floor" or bottom face of the skybox is not drawn by the game. If a player in the game can see that face, they will see the "hall of mirrors" effect. * There's a bug in Quake 3 (but fixed in Enemy Territory) that causes a shader vertex overflow if more than two
func_areaportal Description Solid class. Vis blocking entity. This is a non-visible object that divides the world into areas that are separated when this portal is not activated. Usually enclosed in the middle of a door.Can be targeted by a door entity or refered to by a script for opening and closing as needed. See the scripting docs for more details. Keys targetname: either a door entity points to this or can be refered to by the script for control. target: will trigger the entity that this points to each time the portal is either opened or closed. Spawnflags None Notes These portals are more flexible than Quake 2's areaportals since they can be controlled from the script. They can be opened and closed in a very straightforward way using 2 simple commands: $ open $ close If they are targeted by a door entity, they will function automatically (the same way as Quake 2 are
These are tag bones of players so u can bind stuff to them
Class ClientGameCommandManager -> Listener -> Class (Signals the beginning of a block of commands)Signals the end of a block of commandsaccel( Float xAcc, Float yAcc, Float zAcc )Set the acceleration of the spawned tempmodel. This acceleration is applied using the world axisalias( String
This is like hardcore scripting and modding mohaa stuff. Every single post has a different subject. So if you know what you are searching for you just have to press ctrl f but if you don't then you have to search through all of 18 of the posts. and no, aimbot will not be possible via scripting, in the true sense of the word

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