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Allied Assault
This is not ur typicall wallhack thatallows you to see people through walls instead, I came up with a nifty idea of climbing walls. in other words assign every wall in the game to read the func_ladder function in game and make it carry on the ladder parameters in the map for every wall allowing the client to climb on walls. I dont know if this is possible but if shooting through walls can be done clientside I dont see why climbing walls couldnt be done. Im looking for people that know their stuff, to help me out. I have a rough idea, mappers are recommended cause its alot of map scripting from what I think and then again it may have something to do w\ animation scripting and\or editting shader properties of every wall. these are just some things im bouncing off, but if anyone would want to help please let me know so we can get this thing on the row. Any comments ideas\ let me know on here also.. kk thx

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