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Lots Of Useful Stuff
The graphic engine for Quake III Arena has taken a step forward by putting much more direct control over the surface qualities of textures into the hands of designers and artists. In writing this manual, we have tried to define the concepts and tools that are used to modify textures in a way that, it is hoped, will be graspable by users who already have basic knowledge of computer graphics but are not necessarily computer programmers. It is not a tutorial, nor is it intended to be one. The Manual for the Q3Radiant editor program contains a section called Creating New Assets that has the necessary information for setting up the files to create your own custom Quake III Arena shaders. You should follow a similar convention when creating your custom shaders. It is reproduced here for your convenience: Quote: from Q3Radiant Editor Manual Creating New Assets If you are familiar with the required tools
This is like hardcore scripting and modding mohaa stuff. Every single post has a different subject. So if you know what you are searching for you just have to press ctrl f but if you don't then you have to search through all of 18 of the posts. and no, aimbot will not be possible via scripting, in the true sense of the word

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