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Don't Call out hackers in a server when you hack!
Don't Call out hackers in a server when you hack! I noticed that some of our hacking brothers and sisters are starting to call each other out when playing in servers. I feel it is very disrespectful when YOU know YOU hack but instead tell someone else they hack by arguing or calling them names. Its pointlesss and im sick and tired of it in MOHAA. Why argue and cuss someone out about hacking when you know you hack yourself. Has anyone else ever had this problem with another player??
I get it all the time, someone will be hacking and I will kill them a few times and next thing you know they are calling me out and then denying the whole time that they are hacking even though I can see them, pretty stupid if you ask me
its the gayest thing ive ever seen. we must stick together not join the axis force!
i do to laugh at the N00BS in denial
its so stupid when you're sitting there staring at them threw the wall and there going "hey nice hack man" or "turn the hack off fag" and u can c them staring at u threw the wall too LOL....such n00bs
they say nice hack man i say ty
yeah lol.
i cant tell you how much this realy pisses me off,and in moh it is getting realy bad.last night i was in a server, this guy kills me like 10 times,i shoot him once and he starts spamming the screen with fu#$en HACKER over and over .ive played with this guy before and it is the same crap,ive spec'ed him and know for a fact he is a cheater, hes very obvious.some of the best gameing ive ever had has been with cheaters i dont even know,i know they are cheating and they know i am .yea there has been times when i get killed over and over and it pisses me off but i never narc on a fellow cheating brother.i may join the same team as him to avoid big egos,but people should not be the pot calling the kettle black if you now what i mean.ok i got to vent a little bit,i feel better now, thanks.
lol Im glad people have the same feelings as me, i just hope that it stops one day lol. Usually when im in a server I dont say anything to anyone unless they are on teamspeak but other then that if someone manages to call me a hacker, I dont say anything, it sems like they get annoyed even more when you dont say anything back lol but anyway I was just letting you know what I do. P>S> Since the unknowncheats website is down, does anyone know where i can get an opengl hack for medal of honor breakthrough, google isnt helping me very well lol.

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