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Need help Bypassing Pandora BETA II
Alright i need help kida fast becase my clan i desided to use pandora BETA Client II now can some one plz help me by pass it... like tell me do i have to edit Pandora it self and how.. or something like that.. Thanks, O yea one more thing .. this is OFF TOPIC but does anyone have a REMOVED CONTENT Please dont ask about that. This is your first and final warning. Please review the forum rules. http:
sorry to burst your bubble here but... thats not gunna happen bro... you think if someone makes a bypass for pandora their gunna make it public? no... if a pandora bypass is made public it will be patched almost as quick... i gaurantee when a pandora bypass is released it will be when a new pandora client is already out... plus isnt pandora used for clan tournaments? the majority of people who cheat even agree that cheating in a tourny is lame... personally i could care less, clans suck mad wang, but thats my opinion... like i said bro, sorry to rain on your parade, but im just givin it to ya strait with no sugar coating...
Indeed....just gotta learn to play the game without cheats when you're in those types of situations man.....

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