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Hex Editing
just wondering if any of you people know anything about hex editing using hex workshop,starting myself atm and cant really find much of a guide for it,especially to do with mohaa,if anyone can help please let me know,thanks in advance.
come one 8 views and no replies >< someone on here must know something about hex editing.
i use HHD Hex Editor... All of the commands and Cvars are located in the MOHAA.exe and cgamex86.dll or gamex86.dll...
thanks you two atleast there are some decent people to reply even if they know little about the subject,and i know about hex editor for d2 chars i layed d2 before i got onto mohaa thanks anyhow,ive downloaded virussss hex editor tut to change the value ofr 3rd person..thing is even when you type cg_3rd_pers0n 1 in it still comes up with cheat protected :\ aoshi do you mind if i added you to msn,same for you DD if it aint too much trouble some things i still need to figure out :z
I don't have msn, but you can contact me via email or AIM. My aim is Dimlhugion, although I rarely go on there. Your best bet, would be to download a hack like issisx's nofog enabler, and see how they managed to get the command to work.
ok thanks and i aint got a clue what AIM is..everyone but me has AIM lol same for IRC or something
AIM is aol instant messenger....get it at
you have to disable cheat protection for the hexed cvars to work... elac and issisx did it in the eagle eye hack they made...
disable cjheat protection..that explains alot,since i recently installed a fresh copy of mohaa,before that,i could toggle 3rd person on and off with a simple it keeps saying its cheat protected..thanks digital..not only sussed one problem but 2 at once il have to look at them and see how they disabled the cheat protection
Hex all instances of "cheat protected" and it should solve the problem, Also remember to change the cvar.

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