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Nooo !!!
Nooo !!! ...
Quote: Originally Posted by bluethen (found on This is the end... My final good bye... I'm leaving it all behind. I'm quitting my online identity and anything related to it. This is due insufficient time to keep it up and running and to make space for future projects. So this is my final good bye to everyone I let down. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Signed, Fred. u diodnt know untill now??thats old news..
He was a good guy, and help up the renegade hacking community for quite some time. I recall looking up to him when warlenny and I worked together on making hacks. Well can't hold on to things forever. Hopefully I can get ahold of him sometime online. Great job Cyberpunk and thanks for all the contributions.
I came to his sites to find a download... Does anyone have all the downloads that were from his site?

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